Children’s medicines coated with brain-damaging aluminum

(NaturalNews) Aluminum Lake food coloring, used to heavily coat liquid medicines for children, contains dangerous amounts of aluminum and harmful synthetic petrochemicals. These “petrochemicals” are carcinogens containing petroleum, antifreeze and ammonia, which cause a long list of adverse reactions. Aluminum poisoning can lead to short and long term central nervous system (CNS) damage, such as memory impairments, autism, epilepsy, mental retardation, and dementia.

Research shows that just 4ppm of aluminum can cause the blood to coagulate. This is what causes Alzheimer’s Disease and has been documented to inhibit learning. Aluminum consumption can also be associated with the development of bone disorders, including stress fractures.

Also known as tartrazine, FD&C Yellow Aluminum Lake is a chemical concoction derived from coal tar. It is known to be a reproductive toxin. All artificial colors contain Aluminum Lake, so when your child gets to pick between red, blue or green medicine, they’re really choosing which poison they get to consume. Several chemically enhanced food colorings contain ammonia and therefore produce compounds proven to cause various cancers in animal studies, according to CSPI, the Center for Science in the Public Interest. (…

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Scientists cure cancer, but no one takes notice — Health & Wellness —

Canadian researchers find a simple cure for cancer, but major pharmaceutical companies are not interested.

Researchers at the University of Alberta, in Edmonton, Canada have cured cancer last week, yet there is a little ripple in the news or in TV. It is a simple technique using very basic drug. The method employs dichloroacetate, which is currently used to treat metabolic disorders. So, there is no concern of side effects or about their long term effects.

This drug doesn’t require a patent, so anyone can employ it widely and cheaply compared to the costly cancer drugs produced by major pharmaceutical companies…

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Aluminum + Fluoride = Alzheimer’s and Dementia – David Icke Website

‘Research shows that fluoridation does not reduce cavities but quite possibly increases them, yet we fluoridate our water, then spray aluminum from the sky to pollute that water, the soil, and air. We unwittingly ingest this aluminum, take a nice cool drink of fluoridated water, and end up a few years down the road wondering where we misplaced our minds and health. This is a two-part mix that leads to a crippling disease.

Our brains and nervous systems are under attack, and we end up paying dearly for the privilege of being poisoned to death. Insane? Yes. But very real. Whether you believe we are being subjected to an intentional depopulation agenda or simply hapless victims of reckless corporate greed, it’s happening! You can’t refute the facts. Aluminum + Fluoride = Alzheimer’s and Dementia. The combination is deadly. They know it, I know it, and now you know it.’

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Fluoride Linked to #1 Cause of Death in New Research | Natural Society

Fluoride Linked to #1 Cause of Death in New Research | Natural Society.

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Dr. Andrew Wakefield sues BMJ, journalist Brian Deer for defamation

NaturalNews The man has been shamelessly mocked, repeatedly lied about, and cruelly defamed for his legitimate scientific research into the combination measles, mumps, and rubella MMR vaccine and autism in children. But Dr. Andrew Wakefield is now fighting back against those responsible for viciously denigrating his work and his character by filing a lawsuit against the British Medical Journal BMJ, which published lies about him, and journalist Brian Deer, who authored many of those lies.

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Five practical ways to raise your consciousness in 2012 and beyond

Five practical ways to raise your consciousness in 2012 and beyond.

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Activist Post: What the Mayan Elders are Saying About 2012

… “We are no longer in the World of the Fourth Sun, but we are not yet in the World of the Fifth Sun. This is the time in-between, the time of transition. As we pass through transition there is a colossal, global convergence of environmental destruction, social chaos, war, and ongoing Earth Changes.”

He continues: “Humanity will continue, but in a different way. Material structures will change. From this we will have the opportunity to be more human. We are living in the most important era of the Mayan calendars and prophecies. All the prophecies of the world, all the traditions are converging now. There is no time for games. The spiritual ideal of this era is action…”

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NaturalNews declares 2012 the year of consciousness

NaturalNews In Chinese culture, every year has an animal mascot. It’s the “year of the monkey,” for example, or the year of the rooster. For NaturalNews, 2012 is the year of consciousness or conscious awakening, in a sense.

Does this mean we’re going to abandon the mundane daily news of planet earth and float off into la-la land where we start chanting mantras and worshipping self-proclaimed enlightened gurus? Hardly.

In fact, in 2012 I want to talk with you about what I call grounded consciousness. Or “holistic consciousness.”And why? Because it is the lack of consciousness that’s behind every corporate crime, government conspiracy, political corruption, Big Pharma scheme and environmental crime that takes place on our planet. Those who lack consciousness engage in “you versus me” crimes of selfishness — stealing, exploiting, destroying, deceiving — yet such behaviors come from a place of ignorance about consciousness and the universe around us…

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