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In this eye opening article, authors Lucija Tomljenovic and Christopher A. Shaw, of the University of British Columbia, point out the following with regard to HPV vaccination (excerpt from the full article):

To date, the efficacy of HPV vaccines in preventing cervical cancer has not been demonstrated, while the vaccine risks remain to be fully evaluated.

Current worldwide HPV immunization practices with either of the two HPV vaccines (Gardasil or Cervarix) appear to be neither justified by long-term health benefits nor economically viable, nor is there any evidence that HPV vaccination (even if proven effective against cervical cancer) would reduce the rate of cervical cancer beyond what Pap screening has already achieved.

Cumulatively, the list of serious adverse reactions related to HPV vaccination includes deaths, convulsions, paraesthesia, paralysis, Guillain-Barre syndrome, transverse myelitis, facial palsy, chronic fatigue syndrome, anaphylaxis, autoimmune disorders, deep vein thrombosis, pulmonary embolisms, and cervical cancers!

Because the HPV vaccination program has global coverage, the long-term health of many women may be at risk against still unknown vaccine benefits.

The summary concludes by encouraging physicians to adopt a more rigorous evidence-based approach to their medical practice, in order to provide a balanced and objective evaluation for their patients of the true vaccine risks versus benefits…

via Respected Medical Journal Disses Gardasil | Sovereign Independent.

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