Dutch “fat tax” could become the new normal

… Because — no matter what propaganda the government puts out — this “fat tax” will only make us grow sicker and fatter. Call me paranoid, but maybe that’s what it was intended to do in the first place.

Here’s why…

Saturated fat is not the problem

Back 100 years ago, everyone ate lard, bacon drippings, and butter. It’s all we had. Nobody ate “heart smart” margarine, skim milk, or Egg Beaters.

And guess what?

No one ever got heart disease, either.

In fact, when you look at medical books published 100 years ago, they barely mention the disease. And today, we eat less saturated fat, but heart disease is the number one killer in America.

Plus, research proves the extra fat doesn’t kill you…

In 2006, a large-scale trial followed 49,000 women for eight years. Researchers showed that following a low-fat diet didn’t improve health outcomes for these women one iota. In fact, women who followed low-fat diets didn’t have fewer strokes or heart attacks than women who ate more fat.

Plus, both groups of women developed heart disease at the very same rate.

The Danish government says it wants to lower rates of cardiovascular disease. But they’re swinging at the wrong target.

The real problem is sugar (and refined carbs).

In fact, consistent evidence shows that when you eat natural animal fats (not fried fats), and skip the sugar and processed carbs, you have much lower rates of heart disease, diabetes, and obesity.

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