Doc Who Harms No One Is Punished, But Docs Who Killed Can Practice.

by Heidi Stevenson  12 May 2010

In typical hubristic fashion, the UK’s General Medical Council (GMC) has stripped Dr. Sarah Myhill of many of the functions required to care for her patients, while allowing doctors who have killed patients with sloppiness, lies, and egregious errors to continue in practice. She harmed no one, and no such accusation was made. Not a single patient has complained.

The more I look at this case, the more clear it becomes that Dr. Myhill is being persecuted for holding views outside mainstream corrupt medicine. She is not a full supporter of vaccinations. Pharmaceuticals are not the first thing she considers in treatment. She thinks about what she does, rather than following the party line. Those are unacceptable qualities in modern medicine, and any doctor, no matter how well qualified, can expect to be punished for them…

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NIH panel foolishly insists Alzheimer’s can’t be prevented (are they demented?)

May 07, 2010  by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger

(NaturalNews) An independent panel of supposed experts recently met at the National Institutes of Health near Washington, D.C., to discuss whether or not Alzheimer’s Disease can be prevented through dietary and lifestyle changes. After evaluating a handful of studies that deal with the subject, the panel basically concluded that there is no way to avoid Alzheimer’s Disease.

Either that, or they all forgot to bring their science notes and couldn’t remember what to say, so they defaulted to their traditional "It’s not proven" mantra and ended the conference early.

Interestingly, the studies in question all seemed to demonstrate how things like taking fish oil or doing crossword puzzles can help prevent Alzheimer’s Disease, but the panel of doctors and PhDs decided all this evidence simply didn’t count. When you work for the NIH, it’s very important to filter out all scientific evidence that does not agree with your foregone conclusions…

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AIDS fraud: The Marketing of an Epidemic exposed in House of Numbers exclusive film clip

May 03, 2010  by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger

(NaturalNews) The global AIDS epidemic being pushed by the AIDS industry is a fraud. Key pioneers from the industry now speak out against "the false marketing of the AIDS epidemic" in an exclusive video clip from the highly controversial documentary House of Numbers (…

… What truth is that? That the "worldwide AIDS epidemic" is now largely a fictional construct created by the pharmaceutical industry, its non-profit front groups and the CDC to sell AIDS drugs that cause the very immunological suppression blamed on the disease. AIDS drugs, in other words, cause the symptoms of AIDS and thus they become a self-fulfilling prophecy to any person who dares take them…

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