Study Proves Three Monsanto Corn Varieties’ Noxiousness to the Organism


Source: Le Monde with AFP

A study published in the International Journal of Biological Sciences demonstrates the toxicity of three genetically modified corn varieties from the American seed company Monsanto, the Committee for Independent Research and Information on Genetic Engineering (Criigen, based in Caen), which participated in that study, announced Friday, December 11.

"For the first time in the world, we’ve proven that GMO are neither sufficiently healthy nor proper to be commercialized. […] Each time, for all three GMOs, the kidneys and liver, which are the main organs that react to a chemical food poisoning, had problems," indicated Gilles-Eric Séralini, an expert member of the Commission for Biotechnology Reevaluation, created by the EU in 2008.

Caen and Rouen University researchers, as well as Criigen researchers, based their analyses on the data supplied by Monsanto to health authorities to obtain the green light for commercialization, but they draw different conclusions after new statistical calculations. According to Professor Séralini, the health authorities based themselves on a reading of the conclusions Monsanto has presented and not on conclusions drawn from the totality of the data. The researchers were able to obtain complete documentation following a legal decision.

"Monsanto’s tests, effected over 90 days, are obviously not of sufficient duration to be able to say whether chronic illnesses are caused. That’s why we ask for tests over a period of at least two years," explained one researcher. Consequently, the scientists demand a "firm prohibition" on the importation and cultivation of these GMOs.
These three GMOs (MON810, MON863 and NK603) "are approved for human and animal consumption in the EU and especially the United States," notes Professor Séralini. "MON810 is the only one of the three grown in certain EU countries (especially Spain); the others are imported," he adds. A meeting of EU ministers over MON810 and NK603 is scheduled Monday

Translation: Truthout French Language Editor Leslie Thatcher

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Merry Christmas from NaturalNews and the Health Ranger

December 24, 2009  by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger

(NaturalNews) Here’s a Merry Christmas to all the NaturalNews readers from the Health Ranger. And yes, I do specifically mean Merry Christmas. I don’t mean just "Happy Holidays" or "happy winter break" or even "happy end-of-year time off." What I mean is Merry Christmas. That’s the holiday name I grew up with and I’m sticking to it. 🙂

On this merry Christmas, I feel compelled to comment about the ongoing effort to sterilize the English language by removing any words that might dare to impart meaning. I’ve read reports that certain people feel "offended" by the term Christmas, and I’ve watched as public schools have morphed their own descriptions of the Christmas break, removing the word "Christmas" and replacing it with "Holiday" as in "Holiday break" or "winter break."
The politically-correct language police have, once again, gone too far. This effort to sterilize the language of Christmas only serves to dumb down the children and remove any real meaning from words so that nobody might choose to feel offended by them. Words that say nothing, it seems, are more acceptable in our modern world where political correctness trumps authentic communication.

The problem with this approach is that when you sterilize the language, you also remove most of the meaning from the words, leaving an empty shell of strung-together syllables that are designed to say absolutely nothing.

Imagine the boss uttering the following at the office Christmas party:
"We are calling this meeting to ascertain the various aspects of this particular time of the year which has been noted by some as deriving itself from an embracing of a period of non-work during which some small gifts may be voluntarily exchanged among persons who optionally feel they wish to do so, but no such gift may exceed a value of twenty dollars, and no gifts may be exchanged that have any particular connotation or personal intent."

This is the sterile, idiotic language environment in which much of America (and the UK) is now suffocating.

Use words to communicate, not to placate

When it comes to words, you really have two choices:
Choice #1) Say nothing. Bite your tongue, sterilize your words, surrender to political correctness and live your life as an entirely ineffectual and spineless word weasel (you can also run for Congress if you’re any good at this…)
Choice #2) Say what you mean. Use words with purpose while running the risk that somebody somewhere will have an issue with your words, but so what? If people decide to feel offended from your uttering of a holiday name, that’s their choice — NOT your responsibility. This is more of a Jesse Ventura approach.

I obviously selected choice #2 many years ago, which is why today I’m saying Merry Christmas. And for those who don’t observe the Christmas holiday, Happy Holidays to you!…

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Small Community Cancer Cure Crushed by Big Pharma, Part I

December 17, 2009 by: Paul Fassa, citizen journalist

(NaturalNews) A small Canadian community’s success with curing cancer naturally was recently crushed, forcing its provider into exile in Europe. Rick Thompson had discovered a cure for himself and then had shared it at no cost with others in the small rural town of Maccan, Nova Scotia.
Rick offered results without side effects, and the Maccan residents took advantage. The results were amazing with even cancer patients. There are always problems promoting alternative cures. But here was an additional obstacle. The cure was hemp oil with the illegal substance THC.
Rick`s Reasons
Rick Thompson experienced a head injury at work in 1997. Afterward he was afflicted with post concussion syndrome. He was put on pharmaceuticals, which created dysfunctional side effects. He heard about the medical benefits of marijuana. So Rick purchased a bag and began smoking daily.
Eventually, both the post concussion syndrome and the pharmaceutical drug fog vanished completely. Rick’s doctor discouraged him from smoking. So Rick decided on growing his own hemp and extracting the oil with THC. He reduced a pound of plants by slow boiling in a solution to get a small tube of thick THC concentrated oil.
Soon after he began, Rick was diagnosed with basal cell carcinoma. After one of the three cancers was removed surgically, it came back. So he decided to try the THC laden hemp oil topically. Within days, all three skin cancers were completely healed. Rick deduced that THC hemp oil cured cancer, but smoking marijuana would not.
Helping Others
So Rick began sharing the hemp oil within his community for free. Everyone experienced remarkable improvement by taking a drop orally twice daily or applying it topically. Rick Dwyer, the manager of the local Royal American Legion branch was very impressed. His father’s terminal lung cancer was cured in weeks after the medicos had sent him home to die.
Quickly the word was out locally about Thompson`s THC hemp oil. Several others were cured without side effects from a variety of serious ailments, including cancer.
Then both Ricks decided there should be town meetings in the Legion hall about the THC hemp oil, and that they would see what to do about spreading the word. They wanted the world to know about this natural cure.
The Consequence of Helping
The publicity from a curious Canadian media raised enough of a stir for the Legion to close the Maccan branch and fire Rick Dwyer as the local manager. Then the locals became concerned about the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RMPC) clamping down on Rick Thompson`s life saving operation.
So Rick Thompson went to Halifax, Nova Scotia, to acquire legal exemption for using his oil as medical marijuana. He took 14 dozen sworn affidavits from those he had helped in Maccan. But they were disregarded and his request was turned down. Nine months later he appealed to the Nova Scotia Supreme Court.
This time, Rick had ten cured citizens and six doctors present to testify. Their testimonies were not even allowed. His appeal was rejected, and his little local operation of supplying free cannabis cures was threatened. Slowly it dawned on him that it wasn’t just the legal system that prevented natural cannabis cures.
Rick Thompson realized that the cancer industry is focused on treating, not curing, for high profits. Monopoly medicine and Big Pharma’s concern for maintaining a massive cash flow have been the prime motive for keeping all natural cures down.
Stay tuned for more in Part II.
Sources for this series of articles include:
Rick Thompson`s site, Phoenix Tears
Dr. Mark Sircus…
Reference for THC hemp medical history…

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Colloidal Silver Secrets

Thursday, December 17, 2009

20 Top Ways to Use Colloidal Silver Around the House

How to use the world’s most powerful all-natural anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral disenfectant to keep your family safe and infection-free at home…

Everyone knows by now that small amounts of colloidal silver can be ingested daily to boost immunity, or to rapidly and effectively heal bacterial, viral or fungal infections – even serious infections like MRSA or Swine Flu (see and

Colloidal silver can also be used topically on cuts, burns and abrasions to stop infection dead in its tracks and to dramatically stimulate the healing process. What’s more, it can be sniffed up the nose to stop pesky sinus infections like magic…it can be gargled with to stop nasty sore throats …or it can be inhaled into the lungs using a pump spray bottle to stop even the most serious of lung infections.

But colloidal silver has many, many other uses that will allow you to safely and effectively protect yourself and your family from infectious microorganisms and disease. Indeed, there’s no other all-natural antimicrobial substance on the face of the earth that can compare to it. Here are our top 20 family uses:

1. Drinking Water Dispensers –

The reservoir or holding tank in your bottled drinking water dispenser is largely unseen, and can easily become contaminated with bacteria or mould. To help prevent this potentially serious problem, add 1 tblsp. of colloidal silver per gallon of water each time you change bottles.

2. Food Leftovers –

Food poisoning is serious business. Thousands of Americans die from it every year. Restaurant leftovers are particularly susceptible to bacterial contamination, especially if the food sat in the car very long after leaving the restaurant. Use a pump spray bottle to lightly spray leftovers with colloidal silver, to keep them fresh longer. This works well for leftover pet foods, and household leftovers, too.

4. Canning and Preserves –

To prevent mould and fermentation when canning and making preserves, simply add 1 tsp. of colloidal silver per quart to your jars before sealing.

5. Underneath Kitchen and Bathroom Sinks –

Lightly spray colloidal silver under your kitchen and bathroom sinks, to prevent mould and mildew, and to disinfect and eliminate musty smells. Be sure to ventilate and let dry thoroughly.

6. Mopping –

Even well-rinsed mops can harbour bacterial and mould, which you can inadvertently spread all over your floors when mopping. Help keep your mop free from potentially harmful microbial growth by adding ½ cup of colloidal silver to your mop water as a safe, powerful antimicrobial.

7. Toilet Bowls and Tanks –

Toilet tanks can harbour a plethora of pathogens, which in turn will contaminate your toilet bowl. You can easily disinfect both by adding a cup of colloidal silver inside the toilet tank once a week.

8. Toilet Seats and Handles –

These are probably the most bacterially contaminated surfaces in your entire house. Between regular cleanings, lightly spray colloidal silver onto toilet seats and handles in order to prevent excessive microbial build-up. Allow it to air dry.

9. The Floor Around Your Toilets –

It is likely that the floor around the toilets in your home harbour more bacteria and other pathogens than any other visible surface in the house. After all, every time you flush your toilet, many thousands of extremely fine droplets of toilet water are sprayed up into the air in an invisible mist. These droplets fall to the ground, and can harbour millions of intestinal bacteria. To prevent excessive bacterial build-up on the floors around your toilet, lightly spray colloidal silver onto the floor around busy toilets in between your regular cleanings. Allow it to air dry.

10. Toilet Brushes –

Have you ever found one of your young children sitting on the bathroom floor playing with the toilet brush? Yecch. You’d be hard-pressed to find a bathroom implement with more germs on it. Be sure to disinfect your toilet brushes after each use by spraying them thoroughly with colloidal silver. Do the same thing every time you clean your bathrooms.

11. Bathroom Plunger –

Like your toilet brush, your bathroom plunger is probably rife with invisible microbial growth. Simply spraying the plunger with colloidal silver after each use, and during your normal bathroom cleaning, will go a long way toward stopping the spread of microbes in your bathrooms.

12. Jacuzzis and Hot Tubs –

Many forms of bacteria and mould are becoming resistant to chlorine and bromine. You can enhance the antibacterial and antifungal effectiveness of either of these popular disinfectants simply by adding a small amount of colloidal silver to your Jacuzzi or hot tub once a week. Just add 1 tblsp. per gallon of water. Many hot tub owners go completely chlorine and bromine-free simply by adding a half gallon of homemade colloidal silver to their Jacuzzi or hot tub, and then adding a quart a week afterwards. It works like a charm, and unlike harsh pool chemicals, it’s great for the skin!

13. Kitchen and Bathroom Sponges –

Kitchen and bathroom sponges are notorious bacterial vectors, so be extra sure to spray them with colloidal silver after each use, especially in warm or humid weather.

14. Kitchen Cutting Boards –

The debate has raged for several decades now over which type of cutting board harbours more bacteria – wood or plastic. Thanks to colloidal silver, you won’t have to worry about either. Just wash and rinse your cutting board as usual after each use, then spray lightly with colloidal silver and allow it to air dry.

15. Mould on Walls and Ceilings –

Mould is a common and potentially dangerous problem in homes, particularly in humid and coastal areas. To dramatically retard the growth of mould and mildew in your home, lightly spray colloidal silver onto the walls and ceilings in your bathroom, basement or other rooms where mould growth is a problem, particularly in corners and along seam lines where the walls and ceiling meet. Ventilate these areas to allow the colloidal silver to dry. Repeat weekly where necessary. It works like a charm!

16. Counter Tops –

Countertops in your home can harbour far more bacteria than you may think, even if you clean them frequently. But you can alleviate this problem simply by spraying them lightly with colloidal silver and allowing them to air dry, or by wiping them with a cloth that has been soaked in colloidal silver, and wait six minutes before drying with a dry towel.

17. Door Knobs and Other Contact Surfaces –

Similarly, you can spray colloidal silver lightly on your door knobs and other contact surfaces, in order to reduce the build-up and spread of microbes throughout your home.

18. Toothbrush –

We’ve often stated that next to your kitchen can opener, your toothbrush is probably the filthiest implement in your home, in terms of the potential for microbial contamination. Of course, cleaning and rinsing your toothbrush after each use alleviates a large part of this problem. Go one step further by lightly spraying the bristles and handle with colloidal silver after each usage, and microbial overgrowth will never be a worry again.

19. Kitchen Can Opener –

Several studies have shown that the can opener is generally the #1 filthiest implement in your house. That’s why regular cleaning of the handle and rotary blade is a must, and why most kitchen can openers allow for the handle and rotary blade to be easily removed for cleaning. After cleaning and drying you can go one step further by lightly spraying the handle and rotary blade with colloidal silver, and allowing it to air dry before reattaching it to the mainframe.

20. Water Pic or Other Oral Irrigator –

To prevent bacterial build-up in your oral irrigator, and to help further limit bacterial and plaque build-up around your teeth and gums, add 15 to 30 drops of colloidal silver to the reservoir of your oral irrigator every time you use it.

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Tamiflu anti-viral drug revealed as complete hoax; Roche studies based on scientific fraud

December 14, 2009
by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger

(NaturalNews) When it comes to selling chemicals that claim to treat H1N1 swine flu, the pharmaceutical industry’s options are limited to two: Vaccines and anti-virals. The most popular anti-viral, by far, is Tamiflu, a drug that’s actually derived from a Traditional Chinese Medicine herb called star anise.
But Tamiflu is no herb. It’s a potentially fatal concentration of isolated chemical components that have essentially been bio-pirated from Chinese medicine. And when you isolate and concentrate specific chemicals in these herbs, you lose the value (and safety) of full-spectrum herbal medicine.
That didn’t stop Tamiflu’s maker, Roche, from trying to find a multi-billion-dollar market for its drug. In order to tap into that market, however, Roche needed to drum up some evidence that Tamiflu was both safe and effective.

Roche engages in science fraud

Roche claims there are ten studies providing Tamiflu is both safe and effective. According to the company, Tamiflu has all sorts of benefits, including a 61% reduction in hospital admissions by people who catch the flu and then get put on Tamiflu.
The problem with these claims is that they aren’t true. They were simply invented by Roche.
A groundbreaking article recently published in the British Medical Journal accuses Roche of misleading governments and physicians over the benefits of Tamiflu. Out of the ten studies cited by Roche, it turns out, only two were ever published in science journals. And where is the original data from those two studies? Lost.
The data has disappeared. Files were discarded. The researcher of one study says he never even saw the data. Roche took care of all that, he explains.
So the Cochrane Collaboration, tasked with reviewing the data behind Tamiflu, decided to investigate. After repeated requests to Roche for the original study data, they remained stonewalled. The only complete data set they received was from an unpublished study of 1,447 adults which showed that Tamiflu was no better than placebo. Data from the studies that claimed Tamiflu was effective was apparently lost forever.
As The Atlantic reports, that’s when former employees of Adis International (essentially a Big Pharma P.R. company) shocked the medical world by announcing they had been hired to ghost-write the studies for Roche.
It gets even better: These researchers were told what to write by Roche!
As one of these ghostwriters told the British Medical Journal:
"The Tamiflu accounts had a list of key messages that you had to get in. It was run by the [Roche] marketing department and you were answerable to them. In the introduction …I had to say what a big problem influenza is. I’d also have to come to the conclusion that Tamiflu was the answer."
In other words, the Roche marketing department ran the science and told researchers what conclusions to draw from the clinical trials. Researchers hired to conduct the science were controlled by the marketing puppeteers. No matter what they found in the science, they had already been directed to reach to conclusion that "Tamiflu was the answer."
Now, I don’t know about you, but where I come from, we call this "science fraud." And as numerous NaturalNews investigations have revealed, this appears to be the status quo in the pharmaceutical industry.
Virtually none of the "science" conducted by drug companies can be trusted at all because it really isn’t science in the first place. It’s just propaganda being dressed up to look like science.
Sadly, even the CDC has been fooled by this clinical trial con. As stated by author Shannon Brownlee in The Atlantic:
"…the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention appears to be operating in some alternative universe, where valid science no longer matters to public policy. The agency’s flu recommendations are in lockstep with Roche’s claims that the drug can be life-saving — despite the FDA’s findings and despite the lack of studies to prove such a claim. What’s more, neither the CDC nor the FDA has demanded the types of scientific studies that could definitively determine whether or not the company’s claims are true: that Tamiflu reduces the risk of serious complications and saves lives. Nancy Cox, who heads the CDC’s flu program, told us earlier this year she opposes a placebo-controlled study (in which one half of patients would be given Tamiflu and the other half would be given placebo), because the drug’s benefits are already proven."
Did you catch that last line? The CDC isn’t interested in testing Tamiflu because "the drug’s benefits are already proven." Except they aren’t. But this is how the pharmaceutical industry operates:
Step 1) Fabricate evidence that your drug works.
Step 2) Use that fraudulent evidence to get your drug approved.
Step 3) Use fear to create consumer demand for your drug (and encourage governments to stockpile it).
Step 4) Avoid any actual scientific testing by claiming the drug has already been proven to work (and cite your original fraudulent studies to back you up).
This is the recipe the CDC is following right now with Tamiflu. It’s a recipe of scientific stupidity and circular logic, of course, but that seems to be strangely common in the medical community these days.

Even the FDA says Tamiflu doesn’t work

The FDA, remarkably, hasn’t entirely given in to the Tamiflu hoax. They required Roche to print the following disclaimer on Tamiflu lables — a disclaimer that openly admits the drug has never been proven to work:
"Tamiflu has not been proven to have a positive impact on the potential consequences (such as hospitalizations, mortality, or economic impact) of seasonal, avian, or pandemic influenza."
Even further, an FDA spokesperson told the British Medical Journal, "The clinical trials… failed to demonstrate any significant difference in rates of hospitalization, complications, or mortality in patients receiving either Tamiflu or placebo."
It’s the same message over and over again, like a broken record: Tamiflu doesn’t work. And the "science" that says Tamiflu does work was all apparently fabricated from the start.

The Tamiflu stockpiling scandal

Junk science, though, is good enough for the U.S. government. Based on little more than fabricated evidence and Big Pharma propaganda, the U.S. government has spent $1.5 billion stockpiling Tamiflu (similar in UK). This turned out to be a great deal for Roche, but a poor investment for U.S. citizens who ended up spending huge dollars for a medicine that doesn’t work.
As is stated in the Atlantic:
"Governments, public health agencies, and international bodies such as the World Health Organization, have all based their decisions to recommend and stockpile Tamiflu on studies that had seemed independent, but had in fact been funded by the company and were authored almost entirely by Roche employees or paid academic consultants."
Even if Tamiflu did work, there are Tamiflu-resistant strains of H1N1 are now circulating (…).
The upshot of all this is that governments around the world are flushing billions of dollars down the drain stockpiling a drug that doesn’t work — a drug promoted via propaganda and scientific fraud.
This isn’t the first time your government has wasted taxpayer dollars, of course (it seems to be what the U.S. government does best), but this example is especially concerning given that this was all done with the excuse that natural remedies are useless and only vaccines and Tamiflu can protect you from a viral pandemic.
But as it turns out, vaccines and Tamiflu are useless and only natural remedies really work. That’s why so many informed people around the world have been stocking up on vitamin D, garlic, anti-viral tinctures and superfoods to protect themselves from a potential pandemic that most world governments remain clueless to prevent.
I find it fascinating that the governments of the world are stockpiling medicines that DON’T work, while the natural health people of the world are stockpiling natural remedies that DO work. If a real pandemic ever strikes our world, there’s no question who the survivors will be (hint: it won’t be the clueless chaps standing in line waiting for their Tamiflu pills…).
Which remedies really do work to boost immune function and protect the body from infectious disease? I’ve actually published a special report revealing my top five recommended remedies:…
In addition to the remedies mentioned in that report, I also recommend high-dose vitamin D as well as the Viral Defense product from
I have no financial ties to any of the companies whose products are recommended here, by the way. Unlike the pharmaceutical industry, I don’t operate purely for profit. My job is to get valuable information out to the People — information that can help save lives and reduce suffering. This is the job the FDA and CDC should be doing but have long since abandoned in their betrayal of the American people.
Sources for this story include:…

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Dry age-related macular degeneration


December 11,2009  By Anil Dawar

A RETIRED optician suffering from an untreatable eye condition claims that a food supplement made from marigolds saved his sight.

Harry Marsland, 73, was already blind in his right eye when he developed incurable age-related macular degeneration in his left in 2001.

He spent years taking vitamins in an attempt to stave off total blindness without success.

But within months of switching to a supplement containing the ingredient from the garden flowers, Mr Marsland’s eyesight returned and now, instead of relying on his wife to guide him about, he is driving his car again. Yesterday, the pensioner from Oundle, Northamptonshire, said his experience gave hope to other AMD sufferers.

He said: “I have recovered almost completely from the effects of the dry AMD in my left eye. I am the first person to have such good fortune.

“As a retired professional, I feel a responsibility to get this message across to as many people as possible.”

Dry age-related macular degeneration is the most common cause of blindness in the over-60s. It happens when light-sensitive cells in the eye slowly break down, causing a loss of central vision and a fading of colours.

In April 2007 Mr Marsland started taking a daily dose of a supplement containing meso-zeaxanthin, derived from marigolds. He said: “I have now recovered 95 per cent of the sight in my left eye, which is miraculous.”

Mr Kevin Davey, consultant ophthalmologist at the Yorkshire Eye Hospital, greeted the news with caution.

“This is a very promising response to this product. The problem is you can never guarantee how different individuals will respond to any medication.”

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Cancer profiteering? New chemo drug costs $30,000 a month

December 10, 2009  by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger

(NaturalNews) Big Pharma’s pill pushers and natural remedy skeptics are always trying to drill one idea into your brain: "Natural remedies are a ripoff!" they say. "And they aren’t even proven to work!"
In response to those skeptics, allow me to introduce a new cancer treatment drug called Folotyn, made by a small drug company named Allos Therapeutics. It costs $30,000 a month. That’s a thousand dollars a day, mathematically speaking.
But here’s the best part: Folotyn has never been proven to save lives. That’s the complaint about natural remedies from conventional medicine pushers, and it reveals the contradiction in their criticism: When natural remedies aren’t proven to work, they call them "quackery." But when their $30,000-a-month medicines aren’t proven to work, they don’t have any problem with that. Take your medicine and stop asking questions! Who needs scientific proof when they’re already so sure they’re right?
Folotyn has been proven, by the way, to shrink tumors by 27%. Of course, you can accomplish the same thing with vitamin D, spirulina, green tee, medicinal mushrooms and other anti-cancer nutritional therapies. Even if you went all-out and bought a huge collection of anti-cancer supplements and started taking them aggressively, you’d be hard pressed to consume more than $2,000 worth of product in a single month. That’s a $28,000 savings over Folotyn, and the best part is that all those supplements would boost your brain health, heart health, liver health, kidney health and immune health at the same time.
Or, you could just exercise outdoors, getting both vitamin D and exercise for free, saving you $30,000 a month while healing your own cancer. (It also helps to give up all the cancer-causing chemicals in your foods, personal care products, home cleaning products and medicines.)
I don’t know about you, but I’d much rather save the $30,000 and just heal the cancer myself. That might be good advice for you and me, but it would spell financial disaster for the cancer industry.

A thousand dollars a day to poison yourself

Reading this news about this $1,000-a-day cancer drug makes me laugh, because lots of people still complain about the cost of a $19 book on cancer cures, or a $20 bottle of superfoods that contains anti-cancer medicine. Somehow, any amount of money seems justifiable for conventional medicine, but even the smallest investments in personal nutrition or wellbeing are met with a lot of resistance.
I remember talking with a couple at an acupuncture clinic a few years back. They were complaining about the price of the $75 acupuncture treatments for infertility. When I asked them what they had tried before, they told me they had spent something like $20,000 on an infertility clinic, with no success. Wow! And $75 is expensive?
Now, if a legitimate cancer cure really was offered by conventional medicine (and it never will be, because such a cure would destroy their business model), it might be worth $30,000 or more. Heck, a one-time cure might be worth a million dollars, but don’t hold your breath on that one… no chemical cure is forthcoming.
Not from the world of conventional medicine, anyway. The only cures that exist today are from the realm of natural medicine, where cancer is routinely cured by patients who heal themselves with the help of natural cancer clinics all around the world. And at those cancer clinics, the entire treatment is usually far less than $30,000.
Of course, if you really want to poison yourself while paying somebody $1,000 a day, this high-priced chemotherapy agent might be just what you’re looking for. But you can chug wheatgrass shots for less than ten bucks a day and probably get just as much tumor shrinkage — at 1/100th the cost!

Draining you bank account before you die

Conventional cancer treatments are a ripoff. They cost you a fortune and they don’t even work. No one has ever been cured by cancer from chemotherapy. Not a single person… ever! There isn’t a single documented case anywhere in the medical literature claiming that a person was cured of cancer from chemotherapy. So why do people still fall for the chemo scam?
The answer: Because they’re desperate. They’re dying, and they’re willing to pay anything for hope, even if it’s a false hope thrust upon them by their oncologist. It is in this context that these cancer drug companies charge $10,000 a month, $20,000 a month or even now $30,000 a month to treat you with their "breakthrough" cancer drugs.
The purpose of all this isn’t to cure your cancer: It’s to drain your bank account before you die, extracting every last dollar of your savings and retirement money before you expire. No one out-quacks the cancer industry in terms of exploiting the fears of dying elderly patients.
If this were done in the financial industry, it would be called a swindle. If an investment con man targeted sick, elderly people, promising some miraculous result if they just paid him $30,000 a month, he’d be arrested and locked up as a purveyor of financial fraud. But when the cancer industry perpetrates the same fraud on our nation’s elderly, they get away with it! No one questions the fraud. No one realizes the industry is based on fraudulent marketing and fraudulent science combined with a huge financial con that convinces sick, elderly patients to part with their life’s savings in exchange for some high-tech quackery that will never save them.
Part of the reason this con continues, I think, is because the victims of it don’t live very long. Dead men don’t talk, and dead cancer patients don’t file complaints with the Better Business Bureau.
Sources for this story include:……

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EPA’s “endangerment finding” allows Big Government to regulate carbon emissions

December 08, 2009  by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger

(NaturalNews) Carbon dioxide is a threat to human life, says the EPA under the direction of the Obama Administration. With this declaration, the agency has bypassed Congress and can now begin to regulate CO2 as a toxic substance.
The timing of this declaration was obviously planned to coincide with the Copenhagen climate summit: With the EPA now operating with some fangs, Obama can wheel and deal in Denmark with the credibility of some political weight behind his words. But is the sudden declaration warranted? Is it backed by real science?
Lisa Jackson of the EPA explains the decision "relied on decades of sound, peer-reviewed, extensively evaluated scientific data." But thanks to the recent discovery of leaked emails from climate change scientists (ClimateGate), I’m beginning to wonder how much of that scientific data was distorted in order to achieve a particular political goal.

Green living = population control?

For the record, I’ve been working hard to spread awareness about reducing our carbon footprint and living sustainably. And unlike many who just talk about it, I’m knee-deep in living it in Ecuador, where I grow roughly 80% of my diet from my own garden while living increasingly "green" off the local land. But even as a green living advocate, I’m more than little concerned how Big Government might twist these climate laws to encroach upon the rights and freedoms of the People.
If CO2 is regulated, for example, it means the very gas you exhale will be considered a hazard to life on Earth. Thus, regulating CO2 could be a sneaky way to start our nation down the road of population control or even population reduction. When a person reaches the age of 65, for example, and they’re about to retire and collect social security, they might then be seen as a carbon-producing financial burden, and mass euthanasia programs could begin to be seriously considered. (This isn’t science fiction. Nursing home patients are already being routinely euthanized with psychiatric drugs and painkillers right now…)
Of course, most carbon comes not from the respiration of human beings, but rather from the vehicles they drive and the carbon miles underlying the products they consume. There’s no question that Americans, in particular, are extremely wasteful when it comes to energy usage. They drive huge, over-powered vehicles for hours a day as a way of life, and they purchase food and other products that have burned up gallons of fossil fuels just to arrive at the local stores. The American way of life is, without debate, extremely wasteful of energy resources. (In most cities, it is also ridiculously non-sustainable…)
There’s a lot that can be done to reduce energy consumption in America and therefore reduce the nation’s CO2 emissions, but at what cost, exactly? What will Americans have to give up in order to meet the new emissions goals?

The senseless wasting of energy must stop

That idea frightens a lot of people, but on the other hand, as someone who now lives permanently in a developing nation, I can say with rare authenticity that living in America causes you to become addicted to the luxuries of easy energy. There’s a whole lot of room for Americans to reduce their carbon footprint, but it means giving up some of the luxuries we all tend to take for granted. Driving to Blockbuster to return a rented DVD, for example, is just plain stupid. Why burn gas to push a 4,000-pound vehicle around town to return a 6-oz. piece of circular plastic? It makes no sense.
Building new homes with poor insulation makes no sense, either. And yet the building codes all across America still favor the short-term profits of home construction companies rather than long-term sustainability and energy efficiency.
For many years, I lived in Tucson, Arizona. Tucson is a desert, with roughly 330 days of sunlight a year. It’s the perfect environment for a rooftop-mounted solar hot water heater that would replace all the gas and electricity used to heat hot water for local homes. But how many homes in Tucson are built with rooftop solar hot water heaters? Virtually none. It’s the same story in Phoenix, Albuquerque, San Diego and even Los Angeles. KB Home and other builders keep erecting these cookie-cutter homes with no renewable energy components whatsoever. And why? Because it makes the homes a thousand bucks cheaper to sell to someone.
This kind of short-sighted energy nonsense has got to stop in America. Even without the climate change debate, it’s still senseless to go on burning up the world’s fossil fuels when there’s so much renewable energy available for the taking if we only had the foresight to think beyond the next fiscal quarter. There’s enough spare sunlight in the deserts of Arizona to power the entire nation with solar, by the way. With enough solar panels, Arizona could position itself as the Middle East of America.
I would much rather see America embrace renewable energy (and some commonsense consumption modifications) than have Big Brother wade into the fray with carbon limits and punitive fines. Government is a crude weapon for social change. It only knows how to criminalize behavior it doesn’t like. It’s terrible at educating consumers and businesses to change in responsible, sustainable ways. My concern with the EPA’s decision today is that instead of getting a push towards a sustainable future powered with more renewable energy, we’re going to get a new layer of energy tyranny that smothers the freedoms Americans are already fighting desperately to preserve.
Ask yourself this question: What has Big Government done well?

Big Government = Big failures

Think about Big Government has done for you lately: The H1N1 vaccine program was a total fiasco. The national taxation system is a paperwork nightmare. Health care is a complete joke. The Wall Street investment system is a government-sponsored casino that favors the rich. The prison system is a disaster. Public education has fallen to new lows in both funding and innovation. The war in Afghanistan drags on as a failed imperialist catastrophe. Agricultural policy, farm subsidies and the regulation of food and drugs are all completely off course, causing far more harm than good.
Now imagine Big Government running a carbon trading system — or even personal carbon footprint limits that result in you receiving heavy fines if you exceed the government-mandated personal quota. This is precisely what could happen under a new "energy tyranny" that has just been initiated by the EPA and the Obama Administration.
Don’t get me wrong: I’m all for reducing our carbon emissions and living more sustainably. I just don’t like to be told what to do under the threat of being fined, arrested or imprisoned.
Do I have a better plan? Actually, I do. Implement my radical, money-saving health reform proposals ( and use the hundreds of billions of dollars in savings to invest in solar power generation centers that blanket the nation’s deserts. Using CSP technology (Concentrated Solar Power) — or even some of the more innovative stirling engine / solar concentrator inventions — we could provide power for the entire nation for generations to come. (…)
Or end the war in Afghanistan (which, strangely, Obama the anti-war President has now chosen to escalate even more), bring the troops home and spend the military budget building solar arrays that power America. Why fight for oil at a million dollars a year per soldier (which is what the war is costing, astonishingly) (…) when you can spend a fraction of that building energy sovereignty right here on American soil?
The solutions to our energy problems and our CO2 problems are found in the same place: Renewable energy technology that exists right now, today! Solar and wind really can provide all the electrical power our country needs, and with electric vehicles coming on line over the next few years, we could see a massive shift away from combustion engines and toward electric vehicles powered by solar energy delivered through the power lines. This isn’t radical stuff. It’s doable right now.
But if there’s one thing that I’ve learned about Big Government, it’s that innovation is the enemy of the status quo. Government rarely likes to innovate. It’s more interested in controlling people, and declaring CO2 to be a harmful substance could be just the pretext our bloated, indebted and morally inept national government needs to unleash a new era of carbon controls that suffocate the American people.
Let’s reduce our carbon footprint, YES! But let’s do it in a way that doesn’t increase the reach and power of a government that’s already so large and dangerous it poses a far greater threat to the livelihood of the people than climate change ever has.
Sources for this story include:……

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Bicarbonate Treatment for Swine Flu (1924)

Mark Sircus Ac., OMD
December 4, 2009

Using Bicarbonate Against the Swine Flu

… “In 1918 and 1919 while fighting the ‘Flu’ with the U. S. Public Health Service it was brought to my attention that rarely any one who had been thoroughly alkalinized with bicarbonate of soda contracted the disease, and those who did contract it, if alkalinized early, would invariably have mild attacks. I have since that time treated all cases of ‘Cold,’ Influenza and LaGripe by first giving generous doses of Bicarbonate of Soda, and in many, many instances within 36 hours the symptoms would have entirely abated. Further, within my own household, before Woman’s Clubs and Parent-Teachers’ Associations, I have advocated the use of Bicarbonate of Soda as a preventive for “Colds,” with the result that now many reports are coming in stating that those who took “Soda” were not affected, while nearly every one around them had the “Flu…”

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Keep the UK Sports Council Out Of Yoga

"Keep the UK Sports Council Out Of Yoga"
The issue affects not only Yogis who are based in the UK, but your support will also go some way to help independent Yogis in Scotland and Ireland who have to deal with similar political challenges, and of course, (indirectly) visiting Yoga teachers from overseas who come here to teach and lead Yoga retreats etc.
Many agree with what this petition says, and I think that you might agree, too.
If you can spare a moment, please take a look, and consider signing yourself and passing it on – to give everyone an opportunity to consider it too.
For a fuller picture, please follow this link for more resources and things you can do to take more direct action, sample letters, contact information etc:-
"I salute the life in you that is also in me"
Mat Witts
Founder and Lead Director – The Open Source Yoga Consortium (OSYC)
tel: (+44)-(0)845-395-1945
Reproduction, copying, modification, distribution and/or publication of this e-mail message IS permitted. However, this e-mail may contain personal views which are not necessarily the official views of the OSYC or any of its members unless specifically stated. E-mail transmission cannot be guaranteed to be secure or error free. OSYC accepts no liability for changes made to this e-mail (and any attachments) after it was sent or for viruses arising as a result of this e-mail transmission.

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