“Oxygen Kills Cancer”

August 1,2009  By Jo Willey,  Daily Express

“A NEW way of destroying cancer, radically increasing effectiveness of radiotherapy, was last night heralded as a “very exciting” breakthrough by scientists.

If the oxygen supply within a tumour is increased, cancerous cells become far more sensitive to treatment.

Experts hailed the discovery as ground-breaking and said it would allow drugs to “prime and soften up” potentially deadly tumours before they are targeted with intensive treatment.

Research was carried out on breast, head and neck cancers as well as carcinomas that line the surface of the skin and organs. But it is hoped the treatment will be as effective in all radiotherapy-treated tumours, including those notoriously hard to treat such as pancreatic cancer.

Previously experts have tried to cut off the blood supply, fuelling tumour growth to starve and kill it. But the new method improves the blood vessels within the tumour, increasing the concentration of oxygen.

Instead of boosting a tumour’s growth potential, it has the opposite effect and weakens the cancer from the inside, making it far more sensitive to harsh radiotherapy.

Usually cancer cells fight to survive, but the new treatment makes them weak and less resistant to treatment…”

(Why the surprise? Advocates of Hydrogen Peroxide therapies have long proclaimed the healing power of Oxygen in the body, even without chemotherapy etc!)

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