Top 10 Ways to Know You’re Living in a Medical Police State

May 28, 2009 by: Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor

(NaturalNews) Are Americans really living in a medical police state? The recent news with Daniel Hauser and his family’s fight over chemotherapy seems to indicate so. Here are ten ways to recognize whether you’re living under the oppressive tyranny of a medical police state.

#1 – If an armed U.S. Marshall is posted outside your house at night — just to make sure you don’t escape "treatment" — you’re probably living in a medical police state.
Source: "Daniel was allowed to spend the night at home, but County Attorney James Olson said a deputy was posted at the Hauser farm in Sleepy Eye." (FoxNews)
#2 – If saying "I’d rather not inject my child with that poison" to your doctor results in him calling Child Protective Services, you’re most likely living in a medical police state.
#3 – If a nationwide manhunt (involving FBI agents) is unleashed just to find you and drag you back to the hospital to submit to dangerous pharmaceuticals, there’s little doubt you’re living in a medical police state.
#4 – If you find yourself suddenly wondering if you should flee to Mexico in order to find freedom, you’re probably living in a medical police state.
#5 – If doctors call the police to prevent you from visiting competing cancer clinics outside the country, that’s a warning sign that you’re living in a medical police state.
#6 – If your doctor claims to be practicing "integrative medicine" but then calls the police when you don’t submit to chemotherapy, you’re definitely living in a medical police state.
Quote from Daniel Hauser’s oncologist, Dr. Bostrom: "Although I’ve had patients concerned about getting chemo, this is the first time I’ve ever had to report someone." Source:…
#7 – If you’re blasted by the mainstream media for supporting a mother’s right to protect her teenage son from an injection of toxic chemicals, you’re almost certainly living in a medical police state (populated by sheeple).
#8 – If you walk into a hospital and they handcuff you, steal your child and forcibly inject him with dangerous poisons while explaining, "It’s for your own good," then you’re almost certainly living in a medical police state.
#9 – If the State calls you "medically negligent" for feeding your child raw foods, or medicinal herbs, or holistic diets that are free from sugar, red meat and chemical additives, then you’re definitely living in a medical police state. (Fact: Parents who feed their children diets of raw, living foods have been accused of medical neglect.)
#10 – If you disagree with your psychiatrist, and in response he diagnosis you with "Oppositional Defiance Disorder" and demands you take his mind-altering psych drugs, you are absolutely living in a medical police state!

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The Quackery of Chemotherapy

The Quackery of Chemotherapy, Gunpoint Medicine and the Disturbing Fate of 13-Year-Old Daniel Hauser

Wednesday, May 20, 2009 by: Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor

(NaturalNews) You see it in newspapers and websites across the ‘net: People insisting that 13-year-old Daniel Hauser must be injected with chemotherapy in order to "save his life," and that anyone refusing to go along with that is a criminal deserving of arrest and imprisonment.
What’s most astonishing about the mainstream reaction to the forced chemotherapy of Daniel Hauser is not merely that they believe states now own the children, but that they believe in the entire world there exists but one single treatment for cancer, and it happens to be the one that makes pharmaceutical companies the most money. The arrogance (and ignorance) of that position is mind boggling.
There was once a time when western medical doctors believed that the heavy metal mercury was a medicine, too. They methodically used mercury to treat hundreds of different diseases and conditions, oblivious to the fact that they were actually poisoning people with this toxic heavy metal.
And yet, imagine if authorities had arrested parents for not treating their children with mercury. Imagine if they threw parents in prison for refusing their "mercury medicine." That would be equivalent to today’s arrogant, misguided and extremely dangerous campaign to outlaw saying "no" to chemotherapy.

A brief history of medical quackery

It was mercury, in fact, that led to the term "quack." Mercury is called "quicksilver," and those doctors who prescribed it were eventually discovered to be pushing toxic chemicals rather than any real medicine. They were initially called "quicks" and then later "quacks."
The quackery of those doctors prescribing mercury wasn’t hard to miss: People taking the mercury would get extremely ill. Their hair would fall out. They would lose their appetite and experience extreme loss of body weight. Many would simply die from the toxicity.
Remarkably, these are the same side effects produced by chemotherapy. And today, chemotherapy doctors describe these side effects in precisely the same terms as the mercury quacks of a century ago, claiming the effects are "part of the healing process" and encouraging patients to find the courage to "just go through with it."
But let’s pull our heads out of the muck here and acknowledge the obvious: Poisoning patients — whether with mercury or chemotherapy — will never produce healing. And the prescribing of such toxic chemicals to patients is little more than sophisticated quackery, backed by seemingly convincing data (which is actually based on scientific fraud) along with the urgings of cancer doctors who rely on highly manipulative fear tactics to corral patients into treatments that will only harm them.

Do parents have the right to protect their children from poison?

Today, the mother of 13-year-old Daniel Hauser is on the run, having skipped out on the Minnesota court that ordered her to poison her own child. She is now considered criminally negligent by the state — a parent who belongs behind bars and will likely be imprisoned when she is arrested at gunpoint.
And yet, I ask you this: What else could she have done? To appear in court and submit her child to chemical injections of a toxic substance would amount to child abuse. She is doing what any sensible parent would do: She’s protecting her child from the poisons of the world, and standing up against the tyrants of modern medicine who so desperately seek to exploit her child for profit that they have actually turned to enforcing their business at gunpoint in order to do so.
It is interesting that pharmaceutical medicine is the only industry in America that’s forced to recruit its patients at gunpoint.
I call it Gunpoint Medicine, and it is exactly as it sounds: The enforcing of medical quackery at gunpoint…

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1300 Girls Harmed by HPV Vaccines in UK

1300 Girls Harmed by HPV Vaccines in UK; Bizarre Side Effects Like Paralysis and Epilepsy

Tuesday, May 19, 2009 by: David Gutierrez, staff writer

(NaturalNews) More than 1,300 girls in the United Kingdom have experienced negative reactions to the government-mandated Cervarix vaccine for the human papillomavirus (HPV), according to adverse events reports collected from doctors by the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA).

"When they introduced this new vaccine, we had major concerns about its safety," said Jackie Fletcher of Jabs, a support group for those negatively affected by vaccines. "The current statistics detailing adverse reactions — including cases of epilepsy and convulsions — bears out that we were right to be concerned."

Cervarix, manufactured by GlaxoSmithKline, inoculates patients against strains 16 and 18 of HPV, which are believed to be responsible for 70 percent of cervical cancer cases. The British government began a program to vaccinate all secondary school girls in September 2008, and 700,000 have received the injections so far. The government’s plan is to have all girls under the age of 18 vaccinated by 2011.

Critics have objected, however, that the government based its decision on studies of women under the age of 26, rather than studies conducted on school-age girls. In addition, while the vaccine has been shown to prevent against HPV infection in the short term, there is no evidence of its long-term efficacy or that it actually lowers cancer rates.

The MHRA reports show a total of 2,891 adverse events reported in 1,340 girls. The majority were minor and short-lived problems, such as swelling, rashes, pain or mild allergies to the vaccine. A number of cases were more severe, however, including 20 cases of blurred vision, four cases of convulsions, one case of seizures and one epileptic fit. Five cases of partial paralysis were reported, including Bell’s palsy (face), Guillain-Barre syndrome (legs), hyopaesthesia (loss of sense of touch) and hemiparesis (severe weakening or paralysis of half the body).

"The government needs to look at the future of this program given the number of side-effects coming through," Fletcher said.
Sources for this story include:

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Smear Campaign Aimed Against Anti-Aging Proponents

Dr. Mercola  May 16 2009

A groundbreaking paper has exposed for the first time the covert misdeeds and extreme abuse of academic and political power by the gerontological establishment.

For the past 14 years, establishment gerontologists have sought to persecute anti-aging physicians, anti-aging health practitioners, and the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine itself, simply because they defy the prevailing model of disease-based, drug-oriented medicine.

The paper details a complete disregard for truth, academic integrity, and scientific professionalism by some of the most prestigious doctors in the gerontological establishment. They have waged a multi-million-dollar campaign to influence media and exert deliberate control of public information, using selective funding of journalists to deliberately misrepresent the anti-aging movement.

Dr. Imre Zs.-Nagy, a part of the gerontology movement for four decades, and founder and editor-in-chief of the Archives of Gerontology and Geriatrics, has courageously stepped up to speak the truth. At great professional risk, he has come forth to blow the whistle on 14 years of censorship and repression of the science of anti-aging medicine.

Dr. Mercola’s Comments:

On April 25 I gave a vitamin D presentation at the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M) Conference in Orlando, and while I was there I became aware of this story.
For decades, anti-aging physicians have been unfairly persecuted, their research smeared and called quackery. As Dr. Imre Zs.-Nagy, founder and editor-in-chief of the Archives of Gerontology and Geriatrics, said:

“Quite to my astonishment and shock, I have been amazed to observe in many occasions, the complete disregard by certain individuals bearing some of the most prestigious affiliations in the gerontological establishment, for truth, academic integrity, and scientific professionalism.
Instead, they have waged a wanton effort to sabotage and retard a global movement of clinicians, practicing physicians on the front lines who have embraced that aging is not inevitable and is, indeed, preventable.”

Dr. Zs.-Nagy, MD has put himself at great professional risk to finally blow the whistle on 14 years of censorship and repression of the science of anti-aging medicine, and advanced preventive medicine, by the gerontological establishment.
He continues:

“Rather than investing their time, energies, and financial resources into positive endeavors such as research efforts aimed at elucidating tangible near-term applications for human aging intervention, the gerontological elite has instead sought to obfuscate the facts of the anti-aging medical movement.

I submit that the reason for this is nothing less than an abject fear by the gerontological elite to avert their loss of control, power, prestige, and position in the multi-billion dollar industry of gerontological medicine.”

This negative spin has been going on for years, and you’ve probably come across such articles in magazines, newspapers or on the news. The New York Times, for instance, even ran a biased story a few years ago that attacked the entire anti-aging field — which is usually one based on fine-tuning your diet, optimizing exercise and using targeted supplements — and made it seem like a dangerous, money-hungry venture.
In reality, the NY Times piece was littered with important omissions and biased statements that ended up overwhelmingly supporting the conventional medical model and casting doubt on everything prevention-based.
Dr. Ronald Klatz, MD, DO, a friend and former classmate of mine considered by many to be one of the "Gurus of Anti-Aging Medicine," and also president of A4M, had this to say:

"A decade-long campaign waged by the gerontological elite has severely restricted the freedoms of physicians to administer life enhancing, and potentially life saving, therapeutics … The effect of this calculated campaign has held back the advancement of clinical anti-aging … research, leading to unnecessary morbidity, and, likely — mortality, for millions of people worldwide.”

Cutting-Edge Anti-Aging Research You Should Know About

Dr. de Grey believes it is typically neglect, not intentional malice, that results in your life ending prematurely.
If this sounds intriguing to you, you might want to set aside 30 minutes to watch this video interview with Biogerontologist Aubrey de Grey, who is one of the leading anti-aging researchers in the world. In the interview he shares his fascinating insights into what the world’s top scientists and anti-aging pioneers are thinking on this subject.
As radical as it sounds, Dr. de Grey believes immortality can be achievable, or at the very least he believes humans could live for several centuries, if only the aging process was approached as an “engineering problem”.
According to de Grey, the following seven causes are responsible for physical aging, and are the basis of his “engineering approach” solutions:

1. Cell loss
2. Death-resistant cells (that overstay their welcome)
3. Nuclear DNA mutations
4. Mitochondrial DNA mutations
5. Intracellular junk
6. Extracellular junk
7. Extracellular crosslinks (which link together molecules that should be kept separated)

Essentially, de Grey’s hypothesis states that if you can keep these seven deadly cell-damaging processes below the threshold of pathology — the state where processes start to break cells down until your body dies from the cumulative damage — you will be able to extend your life, perhaps indefinitely.
From a strictly biological standpoint, the maximum lifespan of human beings seems to be set at around 120 years. However, I do believe it might be possible to extend your lifespan beyond this with the regenerative technologies that Dr. de Grey discusses.

What Can You do, Practically, to Slow Down Aging?

Researchers like de Grey are focusing on technologies that actually reverse the damage that aging causes, and he is confident that it will be possible one day to not only reverse the internal tissue damage but the physical external appearance as well (which he believes will be much easier to do).
Adult (not embryonic) stem cell technology is one of these approaches. 
Also, not to be overlooked, are the following mainstays of any anti-aging program, which include:

1. Keeping your insulin levels low — Elevated insulin levels are one of your key physical influences that contribute to rapid aging, and there is no question that optimizing your insulin levels is an absolute necessity if you want to slow down your aging process.
2. Eating a healthy diet based on your nutritional type — My nutrition plan, based on natural whole foods, is your first step toward increasing your chances of living a longer, healthier life.
3. Getting plenty of exercise — Studies repeatedly show that regular, moderate-to-vigorous exercise can help prevent or delay your onset of hypertension, obesity, heart disease, osteoporosis, and numerous others diseases associated with aging.
4. Maintaining emotional wellness — Research suggests that your mind determines how quickly and dramatically you age.

You can also get up to speed on how emerging science could someday transform elderly people to better versions of their former young selves — and learn what other simple steps you can take now to help ensure you will be alive to take advantage of tomorrow’s age-reversing medical miracles — by visiting the Web site

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Massive Decline in Coronary Deaths in Iceland Due Mostly to Natural Health Strategies

May 13, 2009 by: S. L. Baker, features writer

(NaturalNews) It sounds miraculous. In the 25 years between 1981 and 2006 mortality rates from coronary heart disease (CHD) in Iceland decreased by an amazing 80 percent in men and women between the ages of 25 and 74. How could such a huge decline be explained?

Was it the result of some miracle drug? Are the health services in Iceland incredibly better than elsewhere? Findings of a study by the Icelandic Heart Association and the University of Iceland have the answer — the vast majority of the cardiac mortality decrease in Iceland was attributable to reductions in risk factors throughout the general population. And the lowered risk was accomplished by simply adopting natural, healthy living strategies. Bottom line: the "miracle" heart attack-disease prescription turned out to be getting more exercise, not smoking and eating nutritious foods.

To figure out what caused the huge drop in CHD deaths, Dr. Thor Aspelund and his research team from the Icelandic Heart Association and the University of Iceland applied a validated CHD analysis model (called the IMPACT mortality model) to thoroughly analyze official Icelandic death statistics, national quality registers, published trials and meta-analyses, clinical audits and a series of national population surveys. The results of this research, just presented at the EuroPRevent 2009 meeting in Barcelona, Spain, show that about three-quarters of the mortality decrease in Iceland was attributable to reductions in risk factors. Specifically, it appears Icelanders are living longer with healthier hearts because they have taken control of their health.

In a press release, Dr. Aspelund claimed the study also highlights the potential importance of effective, evidence-based medical treatments. And in fact, one quarter of the decrease in CHD deaths in Iceland was credited to actual medical treatment or surgery. But the other 75 percent reduction in heart deaths was a result of people reducing risk factors through their lifestyle choices.

"Approximately three-quarters of the large coronary heart disease mortality decrease in Iceland between 1981 and 2006 was attributable to reductions in major cardiovascular risk factors in the population. These were mainly in total serum cholesterol, smoking and blood pressure levels," Dr. Aspelund explained in a statement to the media. "The findings emphasize the value of a comprehensive strategy that promotes tobacco control and a healthier diet."

A similar pattern has been found in the USA among individuals. When there’s an improvement in risk factors (mainly blood pressure, smoking and lowered cholesterol), CHD deaths fall. The American Heart Association (AHA) points out that cardiovascular disease is mostly avoidable with a healthy lifestyle that involves these A,B, Cs: Avoid tobacco, Be active, and Choose nutritious foods.
So how can it be possible that coronary heart disease remains a major cause of death and stroke in the U.S. as a whole? How can a disease process that is virtually totally avoidable be the number three killer in this country?

The AHA website offers this answer — there’s a lack of commitment by Americans to follow a heart-healthy lifestyle. And although the AHA is certainly part of mainstream medicine, the AHA concurs with what natural health advocates have been saying for decades on another point: "Your lifestyle is not only your best defense against heart disease and stroke, it’s also your responsibility."

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Natural Products Association Issues Disinfo Announcement over Dietary Supplements and Swine Flu (opinion)

May 06, 2009 by: Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor

(NaturalNews) The natural products industry leaders are engaged in a clever "disinfo" campaign to brainwash people into thinking that herbs and nutritional products are useless for defending against swine flu. Today, the Natural Products Association (NPA), Council for Responsible Nutrition (CRN) and the American Herbal Products Association (AHPA) took part in issuing a joint warning against any "natural" remedies that are being promoted as ways to prevent or treat H1N1 influenza.
Their joint statement is classic disinformation, stating, "We are unaware of any scientific data supporting the use of dietary supplements to treat swine flu."
That’s because according to health authorities in the U.S., there is no such thing as any dietary supplement that treats any disease whatsoever. If any dietary supplement were found to treat a disease, it would shift categories to become a "drug," not a "dietary supplement."
Thus, it is technically impossible for any dietary supplement to treat anything, according to the way the terms are used in America today.
Furthermore, since swine flu is only a few weeks old, it is impossible for any substance to yet have "scientific evidence" of efficacy, including government-recommended anti-virals like Tamiflu. Technically speaking, there is zero credible scientific evidence that Tamiflu works to treat swine flu infections, either. Where are the studies? The scientific papers? There are none, precisely because swine flu is too new to have been carefully studied by anyone.

The subjugation of the natural products industry

This statement from these industry leaders is nearly equivalent to stating that "no plants have anti-viral action." And that statement is, of course, laughable. Not only do plants contain natural anti-viral medicine, but it is difficult to find ANY plant that does not exhibit some degree of anti-viral action!
Why is that the case? Because plants must defend themselves against viruses, too. And since they cannot run down to the local pharmacy to spend their life savings on Big Pharma’s drugs, they have to manufacture their own medicine. Plants are nature’s pharmaceutical factories, generating the most amazing medicines in the world like resveratrol, vitamin C, and even the key ingredient in Tamiflu, shikimic acid. (…)
And yet it remains the official position of the so-called "leaders" of the natural products industry that there is no such thing as a plant that can treat swine flu.
That’s a fascinating position, especially given that Tamiflu is derived from a Traditional Chinese Medicine herb called star anise.
The position of the natural products industry leaders seems to be that when a medicine is found naturally in a plant, it is inert. But when it is removed from the plant and branded a drug, it suddenly becomes "active!" Ridiculous.
What you’ve probably already noticed over the last few years is that the pharmaceutical industry has subjugated the natural products industry, and many of the companies that now "lead" the industry are in fact owned in part by Big Pharma, which pushes its pro-drug agenda through the sponsorship and financial support of various natural products industry organizations.
The Council for Responsible Nutrition, for its part, is focused on "harmonization" with the FDA and FTC, pushing its members to avoid making any statements about nutrition and disease that might accidentally inform consumers of the truth about the medicinal properties of natural products.
When the so-called leaders of the natural product industry actually issue a press release claiming that no natural products can help with swine flu, that’s when you know the industry has been taken over. The very idea that no herb exists anywhere that can help defend people against swine flu is so ridiculous that it questions the sanity of anyone who dares utter it.
If you really want to follow the Natural Products Association, I suppose, you should take more pharmaceuticals. That alone is an astonishing realization. It’s as if the apparent leader of the industry stood up and shouted, "All the products we represent are useless!"
Obviously, plants, herbs and real foods are not useless. And they do contain powerful anti-viral medicine.

Where is all the Tamiflu?

In fact, it is my position that plants will be the only available source of anti-viral medicine for most people if an outbreak occurs.
That’s because supplies of government-approved anti-virals are strictly limited. There’s simply not enough Tamiflu to go around, and vaccines don’t even exist yet. Plus, most of the Tamiflu has been sitting around on the shelves for three years or so, and its potency is questionable. In an outbreak scenario, herbs and dietary supplements may be the only available anti-virals many people can get!
Is it really the position of the Natural Products Association that during a pandemic, when there’s no more Tamiflu, and no vaccine, and the hospitals are overrun with dying, infected patients, that consumers should NOT take natural anti-viral products?
Are you kidding me? The leaders of the natural products industry are essentially telling people to avoid buying herbs and just go home and die?
Fascinating. That right there tells you everything you need to know about these natural product organizations…

… What the industry should have said instead

So what should the natural products trade groups have said instead? They should have said, "Use Tamiflu if you can get it. If you can’t — or if you want extra protection beyond what one pharmaceutical can provide — take advantage of the natural anti-viral attributes of herbs and dietary supplements."
That statement would have made more sense. That’s the statement I’m backing here at NaturalNews. Yes, get medical help if you’re sick. Yes, take Tamiflu if you can get it. But if not, don’t just give up and die. Enjoy the healing power of herbs and dietary supplements, and you may just live through a pandemic that ends up killing those individuals foolish enough to bet their lives on the bad advice of misinformed trade groups.

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Beware of Poisons from the Sky

May 05, 2009 by: Paul Fassa, citizen journalist

(NaturalNews) There has been a controversy over what has been termed chemtrails from high flying aircraft since the 1990’s. The controversy has been over their existence or reality, their content and impact on human and plant health if they are real, their purpose if they are real, and the questions of whom or what group is responsible. Regardless of any conspiratorial controversy and the fact that many are not even aware of chemtrails, the health hazards have been discovered.
Visual Reality Check: Chemtrails vs Contrails
A contrail is a normal occurrence with high altitude aircraft in cold dry air. It is a trail of jet engine exhaust vapors that have become ice particles, forming a very shiny white, narrow trail. This stream dissipates and completely disappears from view shortly. It usually extends no more than 5 to 10 plane lengths behind the aircraft. Contrails’ appearance depend on atmospheric conditions, aircraft altitude, and air temperature.
What has been labeled chemtrails are different in appearance and longevity. They may appear from some aircraft while others are not emitting contrails. Although basically white in color, they are not as shiny or brilliant, more of an off white. Sometimes the sunlight passing through them creates different hues. And they appear to be more dense and much longer. They linger long over longer distances, even hours, after the aircraft has passed overhead, usually expanding laterally and becoming much wider than contrails.
So wide in fact that they often merge and become cloud like. If there are enough chemtrails in the sky, the sky becomes hazy. Sometimes these solid chemtrails can be observed slowly falling toward ground level. And this is how air, water, and soil samples for chemical analysis have been collected. Collecting samples at ground levels is impossible with contrails that evaporate at high altitude.
Since the early to mid 1990’s in the USA, there have been reports and photographs of unusual chemtrail patterns from various locations throughout the USA and other world wide geographical locations. When official military or government agencies were queried by alert sky watchers, the explanations, if there was even a response, were quite unsatisfactory.
They were usually told that they were seeing contrails and there was no reason for concern. Sometimes they were told they were seeing evidence of Air Force attempts to stem global warming. These unsatisfactory responses led to sincere efforts of individuals to research on their own and network through the Internet.
You may wish to simply Google chemtrails. Or you can use any of the URL’s at the bottom of this article to inspect some of the established citizen journalist and researcher sites that have been tracking the chemtrail subject for several years.
Chemtrail Content Analysis from Different Sources
The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in the USA has rejected offers to analyze chemtrail samples from Dr. Len Horowitz, while in Northern Idaho, and researcher Clifford Carnicom of Santa Fe, NM. But they and concerned citizens in Las Vegas, NV, Mt. Shasta, CA, and Eastern Arkansas, all managed to get independent laboratory analysis done on samples from soil, water, and the air.
The results were similar with all of them and have been reported to compare with other analysis from North American and European locations. Barium, Aluminum Oxide, Titanium, Magnesium, and BannEthylene dibromide (dibromethane) or EDB are the essential elements of the chemtrail.
Aerosol Barium salts were sprayed from planes over Panama, Libya, and during Desert Storm to make people sick and weak. Barium poisoning is worse than lead poisoning. The lungs are affected adversely. Many complaints of colds, flu, even pneumonia occur within a very few days after heavy chemtrail spraying over an area.
Aluminum causes extreme neurological disorders. Dementia, uncontrollable spasms, Alzheimer’s, and Parkinson’s Disease can be caused by long term aluminum exposure. Breathing in those particulates over time is a definite long term hazard.
EDB or dibromethane was banned in the USA years ago from use in all auto and jet fuels. But somehow it is appearing again in samples from chemtrail residue. It is a major component of insecticides, which are nerve poisons. It affects the nervous system especially where breathing is involved. And it is very carcinogenic.
Keep in mind that these are in tiny particulate form, enabling them to be breathed into our lungs as well as settling into soil and water. Concerned citizens in several areas where heavy chemtrailing has occurred have observed a decline in water quality and erosion of plant life. Over the past few years in the USA, lung disorders have leaped from eighth to fourth as a cause of health issue fatalities.
There are even more unusual biological anomalies being discovered in chemtrail residues as well, such as desiccated blood cells which come to life along with bacterial or viral specimens. Clifford Carnicom has research papers on those. If you can handle scientific details, go to his website, which is listed at the end of this article with other URL’s.
Keeping Our Eyes Wide Shut
Many concerned independent journalists and researchers are concerned with the possibilities of sinister motives that are being hidden deliberately. Why would government health and environmental protection agencies refuse to get involved with citizens’ chemtrail concerns? Why are different reasons from military groups created to placate those concerns?
In September of 2007, a major German TV outlet spread the news of a large chemtrail spraying occurrence and asked questions. The station’s report included a weather forecaster who had observed strange clouds forming rapidly without the usual necessary climatic conditions. Under pressure of public scrutiny, the military there conceded that indeed they were spraying aerosol particulates. But they claimed it was only part of a war game to disrupt radar.
This reason was used in the States as well. The military called it spraying chaff to disrupt radar. But the U.S. observer who had complained to them noted that the spraying had been going on in his area for years. So how come air traffic control radar had not been affected?
The major mainstream media in the USA has ignored the chemtrail issues. Other than websites of alternative news, it has been only a few local media outlets in the U. S. that have featured stories and concerns regarding chemtrail issues. Local newspapers in the Mt. Shasta, CA area, Las Vegas, NV, and TV station KLAS in Louisiana have presented concerns regarding the hazardous materials found in chemtrail samples in those areas.
The Health Issue Remains
Despite all other issues of whom and why, which are beyond the scope of this article, the health issues remain. Health problems, especially lung and neurological, are constantly on the rise in all the areas being heavily chemtrailed. Of course, there are other factors and other health issues as well. But most of those can be avoided by not eating processed and genetically modified foods sprayed with insecticides. Not breathing is difficult. Even here in Central Mexico, a doctor once mentioned that pneumonia cases had spiked radically during and after a recent heavy chemtrailing period.
The fact that chemtrials persist and no one or no agency is coming clean is baffling, and cause for concern. Do your own research to educate yourself using the links or URL’s below this article as a primer, ignore the debunkers unless you wish to see how absurd they are, and watch the skies while keeping your immune system strong. This involves good supplements, especially those that help remove heavy metals, a low toxin healthy diet, adequate rest, and a positive emotional and spiritual attitude despite all the nonsense and madness in the world. Cheers!

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The Healing Power of Colloidal Silver

by Billy Whelan

… The fourth day after the burn, we returned to civilization. I was truly in a dilemma. The bottom of my leg was obviously infected, and the entire leg was now black, weeping a thin, yellow liquid. We ran into a friend who told us that her mother makes her own colloidal silver and suggested we come over and try it.

We arrived at the woman’s house and she mist-sprayed the solution onto my leg every 10 minutes. Within 30 minutes, the blackness had disappeared and the pain had subsided. Needless to say, we were astonished.

Two weeks after the accident, my leg was almost completely healed—with no burn scars…

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Panic over?

Preliminary analysis of the swine flu virus suggests it is a fairly mild strain, scientists say.

Emma Wilkinson Health reporter, BBC News

It is believed that a further mutation would be needed in order for the H1N1 virus to cause the mass deaths that have been estimated by some.

But at this point, it is impossible to predict with any accuracy how the virus will continue to evolve.

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