Is Vitamin C the New Cancer Cure?

In addition to the popular saying, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away”, maybe some day we can say the phrase, “Vitamin C a day keeps cancer away”.

Who would have thought that oranges and lemons, fruits easily found in a local grocery store, may hold the answer to curing cancer? Oranges vs. cancer — it does not seem like a contest. Cancer has been winning for decades almost unmitigated. Dedicated researchers for years have diligently pursued a cure for cancer. Sometimes the paths they take are not original, but are extensions of concepts previously unexplored or not fully developed. Such is the case with treatment of cancer with vitamin C, or ascorbic acid, an essential nutrient contained in citrus fruits like oranges and lemons.

Vitamin C was previously explored as a treatment for cancer. The hydrogen peroxide generated by high concentrations of vitamin C (above 1,000 µmol/L) were found to be selectively cytotoxic to cancer cells in vitro. Normal cells were not harmed. Nobel Prize laureate in chemistry, Linus Pauling, advanced this idea in the 1970s with trials involving large doses of orally ingested ascorbic acid. The trials, unfortunately, did not show conclusive benefits and the controversial method for cancer treatment was largely ignored by most oncologists. It did, however, remain a popular alternative cancer treatment for many health practitioners.

What’s old may be becoming new again. Treating cancer with ascorbic acid is generating new buzz. This time, however, treatment will be in the form of injections of vitamin C. It turns out that no matter how many oranges, lemons, or vitamin C tablets are ingested, it does not enter the system in sufficient amounts to effect cancer cells. Only injected doses of vitamin C raise the blood level concentration to levels necessary to disrupt and harm cancer cells in laboratory experiments.

Even now, it is not universally accepted that injected vitamin C will be the successful cancer therapy that has been eluding scientists for generations. Some case reports have advanced the use of parenteral vitamin C as an agent against cancer. In three such reports, terminally ill cancer patients with pulmonary metastatic renal cancer, bladder tumor, and diffuse large B-cell lymphoma were injected with vitamin C. The patients improved significantly and had a prolonged life span. These results have not, however, passed the guidelines of the US National Cancer Institute because of insufficient data and inadequate follow-up. In addition, the cases did not have objective pathologic confirmation. So, although promising, injected vitamin C will require larger studies and conclusive benefits before expanding beyond an alternative therapy for cancer.


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S. J. Padayatty (2006). Intravenously administered vitamin C as cancer therapy: three casesCanadian Medical Association Journal, 174 (7), 937-942 DOI: 10.1503/cmaj.050346

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Breast Cancer Awareness Campaigns

Exposed: 10 Facts about the Breast Cancer Industry You’re Not Supposed to Know (opinion)

by Mike Adams  October 19 2008 (Click on the link above for the full article)

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(NaturalNews) Consumers of course, have virtually no idea where the funds they donate actually go, nor do they know the truths about breast cancer they’ll never be told by conventional cancer non-profit organizations. In this article, I’ll reveal ten important myths about breast cancer, and the truths that can save your life.

Myth #1: Breast Cancer is not preventable

The Truth: Up to 98% of breast cancer cases can be prevented through diet, nutritional supplements, sunshine and exercise
It’s true: Breast cancer can be almost entirely prevented through commonsense changes in diet, the addition of anti-cancer nutritional supplements, boosting vitamin D creation from sunlight, avoiding exposure to toxic chemicals in consumer products, pursuing regular exercise and eating a live foods diet.

Myth #2: Pink ribbon products are sold to raise money to support breast cancer victims.

The Truth: Nearly 100% of the funds are used to recruit more breast cancer patients into highly-lucrative treatments that do more harm than good. You know where all that money goes that you donate to the "search for the cure" and other cancer scams? Virtually none of it goes to actually teach women how to prevent cancer. The World Health Organization says 70% of all cancers are preventable, but the breast cancer industry helps zero percent of women actually prevent it.

Myth #3: The only proven treatments for breast cancer are chemotherapy and radiation

The Truth: Chemotherapy doesn’t work and radiation causes cancer
Chemotherapy is a fraud, plain and simple. It’s as ludicrous as poisoning patients with mercury and calling it medicine (which is something doctors did a hundred years ago, by the way). There is absolutely no reliable scientific evidence showing that chemotherapy has any positive effect whatsoever on breast cancer. Try to find the science yourself: It doesn’t exist!
Sure, there’s evidence that chemotherapy shrinks tumors. Too bad, however, that tumor size is irrelevant. Artificially reducing the size of a tumor does nothing to reverse the physiology of cancer in a patient’s body. It doesn’t initiate the healing that needs to take place to reverse cancer and stay cancer free. And this doesn’t even take into account the quality of life issues here: Chemotherapy doesn’t help people LIVE any longer, but it sure does make them DIE longer!

Myth #4: Chemotherapy is safe and doesn’t cause permanent damage to your health

The Truth: Chemotherapy causes vomiting, hair loss, muscle loss, brain damage, heart damage, kidney damage and liver damage. Much of this damage is permanent.

Myth #5: Regular mammograms are the best way to detect cancer

The Truth: Mammograms harm 10 women for every one woman they help
Here’s part of a story we published in 2006, called Breast Cancer Screening Harms Ten Women for Every One That it Helps (

Myth #6: BRCA-positive women should consider mastectomies to prevent cancer

The Truth: Cruciferous vegetables target BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes, preventing cancer with nutrition
Women who are BRCA positive are being scared into utterly unnecessary double mastectomies — a procedure that benefits no one except the surgeon. What nobody is telling these women is that cruciferous vegetables contain anti-cancer nutrients that specifically target BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes, protecting these women from breast cancer.
All it takes is a single ounce of fresh broccoli juice each day, or fresh sprouts, superfoods or other nutrient-dense foods or juices consumed daily.

Myth #7: The cancer non-profits are searching for a cure for cancer

The Truth: Even if one was found, they would never allow a cure to be publicized: It would destroy the cancer treatment industry
It’s the great scam of the cancer industry: We’re searching for a cure, they claim! Never mind the fact that they’ve been using this same con since the late 60’s, when they claimed to be only a few million dollars away from curing cancer forever.
Don’t be suckered. Keep your money, or invest it in vitamin D supplements or anti-cancer herbs. You want to cure cancer? Cure it in your own body first. It’s a lot less expensive, and you get to keep your hair, too.

Myth #8: There is no cure for breast cancer

The Truth: There are MANY natural cures for breast cancer available right now
Just a few hours of research will turn up numerous natural cures for cancer: Vitamin D, cat’s claw herbs, the Essiac formula, medicinal mushrooms, spirulina, cruciferous vegetables, green tea, graviola herbs, Chinese medicinal herbs, oxygen therapy, alkalizing water therapies and much more. All these cures have one thing in common: They are ALL suppressed by the FDA and FTC. Telling the truth about anti-cancer foods, herbs or supplements is now a criminal offense in America.

Myth #9: If my mother had breast cancer, I’ll get it too

The Truth: Breast Cancer is not caused by bad genes; it’s caused by bad diets
This is another common lie told to woman by cancer doctors to scare them into medically unnecessary cancer "treatments" (which can kill you or harm you). Did you know that radiation treatment for one breast actually causes cancer in the OTHER breast? See:…

Myth #10: Sunlight causes cancer

The Truth: Sunlight generates Vitamin D in your skin, which prevents 78% of ALL cancers
The disinformation put out by the cancer industry about sunlight has reached a level of absurdity that’s virtually unmatched in the history of medicine. If you believe what the American Cancer Society tells you (still being suckered?), sunlight causes cancer!
Yes, that’s right: Sunlight causes cancer, they claim. According to the entire cancer industry (and most dermatologists, too), you’d be much better off hiding in a cave, or living your life under fluorescent lights or smothered in a layer of toxic sunscreen chemicals (which actually DO cause cancer, by the way).

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Gerald O’Donnel

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The Importance of Vaccination?

England mortality rate from measles 1838-1978


England mortality rate from pertusis (whooping cough) 1838-1978

Notice how little benefit vaccines brought compared to the improvements due to improved hygienic living conditions.

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Why not investigate natural alternatives?

Drug firms bankroll attacks on NHS

Special investigation: Charities’ protests against Nice funded by pharmaceutical companies

By Jeremy Laurance, Health Editor
Wednesday, 1 October 2008

The rising tide of protest over the refusal by the NHS to provide expensive drugs for cancer and other conditions is being funded by the pharmaceutical industry, an investigation by The Independent has revealed.

Patient groups that have been among the most vocal in spearheading attacks on the National Institute for Clinical Excellence (Nice) over decisions to restrict access to drugs on the NHS depend for up to half of their income on drug companies, but details are often undisclosed.

The growing clamour over decisions by Nice to ban access to certain drugs has outraged patients and the public, and undermined confidence in the NHS.

Protests have been launched by charities including the National Kidney Federation, the Arthritis and Musculoskeletal Alliance, the National Rheumatoid Arthritis Society, Beating Bowel Cancer, the Royal National Institute for the Blind and the Alzheimer’s Society. All of these charities received sums of up to six figures from drug companies in 2007.

The extent of the drug companies’ support for the smaller charities has led to criticisms that supposedly grassroots patient organisations are puppets of the pharmaceutical industry, being used to bludgeon Nice into making the drugs available on the health service. A positive decision by Nice on a drug not only guarantees sales to the NHS but can influence global markets worth billions of pounds.

Yet none of the charities named has criticised the high prices charged by the pharmaceutical companies for their products in their recent campaigns.

The National Kidney Federation (NKF) accused Nice of taking a "barbaric, damaging and unacceptable" decision when it turned down four kidney cancer drugs for NHS use this year and pledged to campaign against the decision. It did not criticise the cost of the drugs, at more than £3,000 for a 30-tablet pack. Half the NKF’s £300,000 budget comes from the pharmaceutical and renal industries.

The Arthritis and Musculoskeletal Alliance (Arma) organised a protest letter from 10 professors of rheumatology, published in The Sunday Times last month, over a recent Nice decision to restrict access to arthritis drugs. The letter made no mention of the cost of the drugs but Ros Meek, chief executive, admitted that "half, or more" of the charity’s £147,000 income came from the drug industry.

The National Rheumatoid Arthritis Society described the same Nice decision as "another nail in the coffin" for arthritis treatment and launched an appeal against it this week, with Arma and three drug companies. The society received 49 per cent of its £300,000 budget from the pharmaceutical industry in 2005-06, reducing to 26 per cent of its £472,000 budget in 2006-07.

Beating Bowel Cancer, which condemned a Nice decision to turn down the bowel cancer drugs Avastin and Erbitux as "a scandal", and assisted a BBC Panorama programme on the postcode lottery in drugs for cancer, received 10 per cent of its £1m income from pharmaceutical companies last year. It also made no mention of the cost of the treatments. Two of the biggest campaigns against Nice decisions in recent years were organised by the Royal National Institute for the Blind (RNIB) and the Alzheimer’s Society which, between them, represent millions of patients. Six figure sums were paid to both charities by drug companies last year but because they are large organisations, the donations accounted for less than 1 per cent of their total income.

The Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry has tightened its code on drug company funding of patient groups, which requires companies to agree grants in writing and to be transparent. Both the RNIB and the Alzheimer’s Society declare their drug company funding on their websites, in the spirit of the code, but many smaller charities do not. Tim Kendall, director of research at the Royal College of Psychiatrists said the pharmaceutical industry reached into "every corner of the health service" in order to gain influence.

"Drug companies will try to do anything to align their interests with those of patients. They do things at every level of the health service and we know they do it with patient groups. It is a multi-pronged approach to persuade patients that their drug is the one."

Cost effective? The medication selection process

1. The drug is licensed for use as safe and effective by the European Medicines Agency.

2. The Department of Health refers the drug to Nice for assessment.

3. Nice convenes a committee of 20, including doctors, nurses, specialists, patients, drug company representatives and health economists.

4. The committee compares the new drug with existing drugs on cost and effectiveness.

5. The committee decides if the drug is cost effective using the Quality Adjusted Life Year (Qaly), a measure of health gain for quality and length of life.

6. Drugs are mostly approved up to £30,000 per Qaly

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Mental Health Treatment Today!

Comments by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger

This is, without a doubt, one of the darker comics in the CounterThink collection. But it’s also very important to cover. The history of Big Pharma is traced right back to Nazi Germany, where scientists working for Bayer were running inhumane medical experiments on Jewish prisoners. I include photos and historical documentation in my book, Natural Health Solutions, and the conspiracy to keep you from knowing about them.

For example, IG Farben, which committed numerous crimes against humanity and was charged with enslavement, torture and extermination of prisoners, was dissolved by the Nuremberg War Tribunal and split into three companies:

  • Bayer
  • BASF
  • Hoechst (now Aventis)

… all three of which are now major pharmaceutical companies.

Carl Wurster served as chairman of the board for BASF through 1974. During WWII, he was on the board of the company that manufactured Zyklon-B gas.

Helmut Kohl, the former chancellor of Germany for 16 years, was a paid lobbyist for the German pharmaceutical and chemical industries, with roots tracing back to IG Farben and the Nazi regime.

The U.S. pharmaceutical industry that exists today is a direct extension of the Nazi Germany pharmaceutical industry, where prisoners were routinely used for medical experiments, medical ethics were grossly violated, and human beings were considered "resources" for medical experiments testing new synthetic chemicals (later to become called "prescription drugs").

About Bayer’s involvement in these medical experiments, a former Auschwitz prisoner testified on the record:

"There was a large ward of tuberculars on block 20. The Bayer Company sent medications in unmarked and unnamed ampoules. The tuberculars were injected with this. These unfortunate people were never killed in the gas chambers. One only had to wait for them to die, which did not take long… 150 Jewish women that had been brought from the camp attendant by Bayer… served for experiments with unknown hormonal preparations."

Read my book, Natural Health Solutions, and the conspiracy to keep you from knowing about them, to learn even more shocking details about the history of the pharmaceutical industry. See pages 142 – 152 for shocking details and historical evidence.

The real history of Big Pharma is so dark and terrifying that every time I see an ad for the Bayer company, I can’t help seeing images of emaciated female prisoners, starved to the bone, being used as guinea pigs for deadly medical experiments executed in concentration camps.

Little has changed since then, in my opinion. Drug companies still use the population as guinea pigs, but they disguise it as "evidence-based medicine." They still kill 100,000+ Americans each year (almost as if they had declared war on the American people), but they disguise it as "treatment." They still seek to bankrupt the people and siphon off profits from national economies, but they call it "investment." It’s the same scam as IG Farben, just prettied up to look more palatable to modern doctors, consumers and journalists…

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