Blocked saliva gland

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After reading on the web it might help, today I’ve started taking 30c of the homeopathic remedy ‘Calculus Renalis’, from Nelsons Homeopathic Pharmacy online, once a day. We’ll wait and see if it works!


Note, after a week or two of 1 or 2 tablets per day, all discomfort gone!!

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Hidden Dangers of Chocolate???

Raw Foodists Arrested for Trafficking Chocolate; Interrogated for "Cacao Crimes"
Wednesday, September 24, 2008 by: Mike Adams (NaturalNews)

When Ron and Nadine from the Living Libations beauty care and chocolate company ( attempted to fly to the United States in August of this year, they ran into something completely unexpected: Drug-sniffing dogs at the Toronto airport. When their dogs took a special interest in their raw, unrefined chocolate with hemp seeds and superfood extracts, they were arrested, handcuffed and put through hours of tortuous interrogation. Such begins the journey of Ron and Nadine, the chocolate freedom fighters from Canada.Accused of trafficking two and a half pounds of hashish (which was really just raw, homemade chocolate), Ron and Nadine were arrested, physically separated into interrogation rooms and handcuffed to chairs. Their six-month old baby was forcibly taken from them, and they were immediately subjected to intense interrogation.Their chocolate looked suspicious, they were told, because it wasn’t in a commercial wrapper. If it’s not Hershey’s, it must be drugs! An on-the-spot drug test from the NIK company (which makes portable drug testing kits) returned a positive result, the Canadian police claimed, and that’s all the evidence they need to arrest anyone.As you’ll learn later, however, it turns out the NIK drug testing kits return false positives nearly 100% of the time if the results are interpreted incorrectly, as they were in this case… Is this Canada, or Gitmo?
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